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Making Dates More Enjoyable and Fun - Author:

June 28, 2015 | Published in Dating, Society

Most people are usually nervous when it comes to their first dates. This can make you look like someone who had taken gallons of coffee before the date. Long silence is always between your conversations with your date, and you are hoping to come up with a few funny lines that can crack the ice. …

The Right Time to Kiss Your Date - Author:

June 28, 2015 | Published in Dating, Society

Some men may not know or do not have the slightest idea if a woman is ready to be kissed. These men may be sitting beside their dates talking too much they suddenly realize how the lips of their dates are so kissable. Their imagination will then take control, but this would also mean disaster …

Online Dating Tips for Women - Author:

June 28, 2015 | Published in Dating, Society

Women in search for a knight in shining armor in real life dating should not lower her standards while searching online. She should keep her dream of having a prince charming to the rescue. But having big dreams does not mean being too selective. Women should be selective but they should not limit their options …

Online Dating Tips for Men - Author:

June 28, 2015 | Published in Dating, Society

So you’ve just joined an online dating community. Do not be discouraged when your prospect dates have not yet responded to your queries. Women members of online dating portals receive an average of fifty to 200 queries from other members of the opposite sex. This means she’s just taking time going through all the queries …