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Worldprofit Review 2023 After 3 year Platinum Paying Membership Now I’m FREE FREEE FREEEE

January 15, 2023 | Author: | Posted in Reviews

This is my story my experience with world profit as a 3 year platinum paying member and now i’m free member.

What do i have left after all the promotions, the 100 plus courses i was recommend to study, not forced to, but it was highly recommend to study all done online all in order id all that, the extra promotion services that they offer, payed for all that and what is that, let me explain cause this ongoing will be updating as i remember

They do offer a cool clickbank store, i always wanted one i was happy with it, i did felt the design of the website was a bit 1990’s or early 2000′ bit outdated,

Sorry i have no photos of one, but i have built one of my own since then here how it looks more modern and this one is mine with no monthly or yearly fee other then domain and hosting and you can buy this service really cheap

This story is still being updated a my time allows im still not done so check often for updates in my worldprofit after life journey, feel free to share my worldprofit story to others, so they can make an informed purchase buy or whether i should go platinum or silver

I would’ve stayed with my silver plan, picked silver back then if i had to do it all over again but they do entice with better benefits with platinum i will get into further detail about how to be platinum without the platinum price and same and similar benefits more to come

Like i did, for like a years was a few $100 on a holiday special like i did especially if you wait till like black friday specials, i mean there is a fee but 1 time beer money fee and your done check then out here if you want a clickbank store with your own DOMAIN name here is mine ebooks action

Review of how I feel about worldprofit after 3 year plus as a worldprofit platinum member now i’m a free member this what i lost when i stopped paying

First what did not loose

My membership to all 18 of there external traffic exchanges are active and have retained all bonus ads, i will need to update my links so they do honor this offer i’m still a platinum member so that is a plus and cool that they do honor that for life, so this i recommend to sign up for it HERE, Worldprofit has developed 18 traffic generating sites over the last 12 years

  • moneymakersafelist with 7,171 Active Members
  • Snnap Safelist with 2,783 Active Members
  • Safelist King with 3,586 Active Members
  • Dragon Safelist with 17,700 Active Members
  • Safelist Extreme with 21,316 Active Members
  • Email My Ads with 3,222 Active Members
  • Post Ads View Ads with 3,137Active Members
  • Instant Traffic Generation with 10,247 Active Members
  • Viral Ad Land with 5,092 Active Members
  • Web Traffic Extreme with 5,645 Active Members
  • Profit Ad Links with 7,217 Active Members
  • Dragon Surfer with 7,217 Active Members
  • Ultimate Safelist Exchange with 6,392
  • Traffic Ad Links with 9,479 Members
  • Traffic Center with 9,479 Members
  • You can see all 18 of them HERE together instead of 1 of 1
  • Bitcoin Ad Exchange with 3,743 Active Members
  • Here is an Example below of a ad or ads that would represents how they look for there 18 traffic exchanges i’m not posting all there ads in this review they are all about the same, maybe in another review ill show each one, but for this one check the ad copy below for bitcoin ad exchange, this would be the type ad that he would teach or instruct you to promote, so you can learn how to properly promote this type of ad in his 18 traffic exchanges, you would promote to his 18 traffic exchanges
  • Promotion Ad Copy, Promotion Ad Copy, Promotion Ad Copy, Promotion Ad Copy
  • Want more Traffic to your Ads?
  • This Free ‘Viral Advertising System’ gives you traffic, exposure + useful marketing tools to help you become successful online!
  • …in the next 10 minutes you can be completely setup and ready to get your ads seen with our 100% FREE Advertising System.
  • Your Member Benefits Include:
  • FREE lifetime access to our unique advertising system
  • Ability to earn ad credits & win daily prizes for browsing ads
  • Ability to create a personalized profile box with favorite links
  • Ability to buy advertising with ad credits, cash or bitcoin
  • Ability to upgrade your account for more benefits & features
  • FREE bonus advertising.. just for joining Promo Code: wpspecial
  • Plus many more features waiting for you on the inside..
  • Click Here to Signup FREE:
  • ==> https://BitcoinAdExchange.com/index.php?r=alex789
  • Now you see the link above that is your personel link thats how your link will look like
  • https://BitcoinAdExchange.com/index.php?r=alex789
  • This is an updating story check back for updates

Now what is a affiliate link looks like ? What is that incase your wondering, well its the main website domain name called bitcoinadexchange.com/ then they append it after the forward slash icon with index.php?r and (R) stands for Referral guess what, that’s you my friend now your officially a affiliate marketer, work from home so lets get back to the affiliate link (https://BitcoinAdExchange.com/index.php?r=alex789) then comes =alex789 or carrunsam56 or hippyguy1 this called id or you can think of it like a unique username so you can get paid thru your promotion here where you want to think about your link id as well as you wont be able to really change it and if you you would miss out on the ads you promotes with your previous id

Now some things to take with you if you do plan on canceling your monthly membership, because you will loose it, you will loose your old affiliate link ID, they will replace it with a new one

  • Download a csv file of all your referrals that you mail out to
  • Clickbank maximizer Referrals download them as well, you will lose then with no chance to recover
  • All your photos and files from using there photo file editor
  • You will retain the plr products
  • Any important affiliate links you have stored with them
  • Any other information you feel is important
  • Then after that just wait a day or so they will give a free associate account at 5% commission and this when I say welcome to the club my friend, we been waiting we are free members now

When you become platinum and you go back to free you just loose all the links with no option to retain it or transfer to my free account i did download all my stuff i needed but the links do hurt that was many years of link promotion

Makes you feel like what’s point my main purpose was to use some or all of the services to promote my affiliate links its like so my only option was to pay the membership or just loose it so really doesn’t feel secure,

But if i would’ve known earlier i would loose it with out option other then paying the membership i would’ve saved my 3 years of paying platinum this can equal up $3000 granted im a rookie campared to some membership lifers

Now my complaint  review is not whether i made money on your platform but more rather what you stand to loose if you stop paying the membership you loose all links associated to your domain all those links

Worldprofit retains you will start a new affiliate link so start fresh again so that point is it worth to me no maybe if there was an available option to at least be able to pay for the domain but im sure there is a reason why this can’t happen, so is it better just to promote

The worldprofit links pays at 5% commission versus paying $500 to $1000 a year membership at 20% to 80% commission return and all the ads on you get you do get a lot of cool ways to promote

As for me after 3 years i would say no as you can actually get the same services else where, but for some it does work but for most it wont be a good money move better off looking at something else

I might earn a small commission if you click on a link my disclaimer

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